//twitter.com/engtech/statuses/1013466274”>engtech: <3 perforce. so much.

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//twitter.com/engtech/statuses/929348522”>engtech: ok, possibly one of the best geeky product videos I’ve seen: http://www.analtech.com/adventuresofana.html

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What Would You Do If You Didn’t Have To Work?
//twitter.com/engtech/statuses/915450716”>engtech: I’m glad the ipod shuffle didn’t get update.. just bought one a week ago.

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Dude, Your Online Photo Portfolio Sucks
Creating Random Playlists in iTunes 8
//twitter.com/engtech/statuses/913896135”>engtech: I should have switched to uTorrent a loooong time ago.

engtech: more of the “dude, your photography portfolio sucks” front: watermarks so stinking big that I can’t tell if it’s a good photo or not.

engtech: Nice, last.fm actually scrobbles my iPod shuffle. It never works properly with my old 3G iPod.

engtech: @josephgrossberg key shortcuts: next = j, prev = k, open in new tab = v

engtech: cool… finally got a google appengine account. Their SMS verification…

//twitter.com/engtech/statuses/911175337”>engtech: @y0mbo I definitely recommend blogs as a way of showing off portfolios for photographers. It loads all at once, searchable, taggable…

engtech: @londonblue apparently you can do profiles in chrome via command line args: http://tinyurl.com/chrome-profile

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//twitter.com/engtech/statuses/909716241”>engtech: flash == fail. I’ve never understood why so many photographers use flash for their galleries.

engtech: I’m not going to spend five minutes waiting for your gallery to load, when your competition is using a blog and I can start browsing NOW.

engtech: @londonblue - the way I do that with Firefox is with Profiles. Matt Cutts recommends using the porn mode for multiple account for now.

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//twitter.com/engtech/statuses/908086932”>engtech: @skellie: which RPG are you sucked into?

engtech: getting familiar with github + lighthouse. going to make the switch from Google Code project repository.

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[FRIENDFEED] Twitter Client v0.44

Version 0.44

Fixes bug where the ampersand would cut off the rest of the tweek
Doesn’t display “characters left” for reply-to-tweet anymore because that’s a Friend Feed feature now

Click here to…
//twitter.com/engtech/statuses/906514961”>engtech: excited about google chrome, but annoyed at having another web browser to test for. also, will crack heads if no greasemonkey support.

engtech: wow, google chrome downloads and installs crazy fast… and it has drag-and-increase size on any textarea… cool

engtech: I’m getting a lot of “resolving proxy” slow down in chrome

engtech: true chrome test: is rottentomatoes.com actually navigable or is it still a bloated mess that takes forever to load?

engtech: hitting…

//twitter.com/engtech/statuses/905947982”>engtech: testing & testing & testing

engtech: @codinghorror mucho agreement on 3rd party libs being timesinks. Lots of timesavers as well, but you never know which is which up front.

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//twitter.com/engtech/statuses/905025277”>engtech: testing possible bug with tweet from friendfeed.

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